Wednesday, April 16, 2014

George Did Me Good!

George spread eagled me on the bed. Wrapped his cock and began poking and pushing his cock into my cunt. "You like it rough don't you bitch." I do and wanted him to take me. He unplugged me and rammed his manhood home! All I could do was whimper. I wanted HIM and wanted HIM quick and rough. He held my hair as he kept ramming me. 

"You Bitch... you enjoyed plugging me... you took much pleasure in tying that blue ribbon... " He kept ramming me home ... Calling me bitch, you bitch...."You beat me at golf.... you Bitch!"

George was good but then again he didn't take long to cum. He exploded in the wrapper and loaded it up with some juice. We cuddled for a few minutes but he was done. He then passed out on the bed mostly from exhaustion, but the sun and the drinks pushed him to la la land.

I wiggled out of my stockings and garter belt, kept my bra on and tip toed out of the room. I would be back but I wanted to visit Frankie and Mr. KS. -- Besides my duffle bag with my nightie was in the other room.

Sure enough Frankie was being fucked by Robert, who saw me come into the room.  He motioned me over, and told me to suck Frankie. Robert was riding Frankie hard and my mouth was on his cock for the second time today.  Robert kept pumping and I kept sucking. Soon Frankie was done and so was Robert!

Robert just grinned then tossed me the key. "Unlock her bitch, give us a show!"

I slipped some lotion out of my bag and simply begin stroking her for my audience of two. She was oily and soon I had cum all over my hands. My two guys were all teeth and big smiles.

I ran to the bedroom to clean up and take my make up off. When I returned Robert and Frankie were fast asleep. I grabbed a nightie and crawled back in bed next to George.

I had quite a first day with my dear old Gents! 

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