Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Young Stud

<NikkijMadison> nikkij here
<alexyoungstud> hi

<NikkijMadison> hello
<alexyoungstud> alex, pleasure to be chatting with you
<NikkijMadison> nice to meet you alex
<alexyoungstud> so how are you?
<NikkijMadison> awesome
<NikkijMadison> i love your cock
<alexyoungstud> thanks, I'm quite fond of it myself
<NikkijMadison> would love to suck it
<NikkijMadison> do you stroke it every day
<alexyoungstud> i would love that as well
<alexyoungstud> pretty much
<NikkijMadison> i know you would
<NikkijMadison> so ladybois interest you
<alexyoungstud> it keeps me busy
<alexyoungstud> yeah i think so
<alexyoungstud> i'm not really sure what i think to be honest with you
<NikkijMadison> i stroke mine daily too.
<NikkijMadison> I love it when she cums
<NikkijMadison> how so
<alexyoungstud> well I joined this site to meet a female dominant you see
<NikkijMadison> and
<alexyoungstud> but i started getting messages from sub guys

<NikkijMadison> and you found me
<NikkijMadison> you have a nic e cock is why
<alexyoungstud> one of them offered to pay me to dominate him and so I went along with it as I need the money for uni
<NikkijMadison> any bi tendencies
<alexyoungstud> not at all
<NikkijMadison> did you Dom him
<alexyoungstud> yeah completely non sexual
<NikkijMadison> but you would suck me?
<NikkijMadison> ic
<alexyoungstud> well no i don't think so
<NikkijMadison> that's okay
<NikkijMadison> would you touch her
<alexyoungstud> the more i got into it the more i started to get aroused by it
<NikkijMadison> the sub guy or
<alexyoungstud> yes probably
<NikkijMadison> okay
<alexyoungstud> yea having a sub guy
<NikkijMadison> i will tell you i have sucked more married cock
<alexyoungstud> but it was more the idea than the physical aspect
<NikkijMadison> and i suck cock daily
<NikkijMadison> was it online or real time
<alexyoungstud> real time
<NikkijMadison> cool
<alexyoungstud> that's how i started thinking of TGirls
<NikkijMadison> what did you make him do
<NikkijMadison> what do you think about when you think about tgirls

<alexyoungstud> he was into chastity so i made him put the cage on
<alexyoungstud> and then made him do everything i wanted
<NikkijMadison> cool
<NikkijMadison> did you hold the key
<alexyoungstud> he shaved me, bathed me everything i would normally do by myself really
<NikkijMadison> he was naked and so were you
<NikkijMadison> was hea sub or sissy
<alexyoungstud> i was only naked whilst he was bathing/shaving me
<alexyoungstud> he was a sub
<NikkijMadison> was he
<NikkijMadison> did you get stimulated when he bathed you
<NikkijMadison> was he bi
<alexyoungstud> nope, he tried so i slapped him
<alexyoungstud> no he was gay
<NikkijMadison> he wanted your cock
<NikkijMadison> i do

<NikkijMadison> so i know he did
<alexyoungstud> haha yah i guess
<NikkijMadison> you would want me to suck it right
<NikkijMadison> have you ever done anal?
<alexyoungstud> yeah i would and no i havent
<NikkijMadison> would you do my booty
<alexyoungstud> yeah but I wouldn't let you do mine
<NikkijMadison> okay
<NikkijMadison> so what interset you about me
<alexyoungstud> well your figure from your pictures was amazing
<NikkijMadison> thank you
<alexyoungstud> and i guess the fact that you have been with guys and girls so you definitely know what you're doing
<NikkijMadison> yes i do
<alexyoungstud> so would you get off on acting completely like a girl?
<alexyoungstud> not getting your cock out at all
<NikkijMadison> i do so everyday
<NikkijMadison> but i have cock ... which i call clitty ....and that is evident every day!

<alexyoungstud> so do the guys you normally get with know you've got a dick?
<NikkijMadison> most do now
<NikkijMadison> i have been with guys that never know i had a clit!
<alexyoungstud> so how would it work if you picked up a guy for a one nighter?
<alexyoungstud> would you tell him or just let him find out for himself?
<NikkijMadison> knew or not know
<NikkijMadison> not knew i would normally just blow him
<NikkijMadison> knew --- he will know before we leave the club!
<NikkijMadison> i have told them and have let them find out
<alexyoungstud> whats the best reaction you've had?
<NikkijMadison> if i think he will not approve i say i am on the rag'
<NikkijMadison> most love it!
<NikkijMadison> some guys never touch her
<NikkijMadison> most love to see my boobies now
<alexyoungstud> have you ever turned a straight guy?
<NikkijMadison> YES

<alexyoungstud> haha i can't blame them, they're a work of art
<NikkijMadison> sorry to say this but if i suck you... then you have bi tendencies
<NikkijMadison> not that you are bi or gay
<NikkijMadison> and there is nothing wrong with either
<alexyoungstud> fair enough
<NikkijMadison> smiling
<alexyoungstud> i'm not against either
<NikkijMadison> what time is it there
<alexyoungstud> i just know i'm definitely not attracted to guys
<NikkijMadison> are you in school
<alexyoungstud> it's 11.30
<NikkijMadison> most guys that want ladyboi arent
<alexyoungstud> nope off for easter
<NikkijMadison> am
<alexyoungstud> pm

<NikkijMadison> you in Uk
<alexyoungstud> yep
<NikkijMadison> home or at school
<NikkijMadison> alone
<alexyoungstud> home, my housemates are all asleep
<NikkijMadison> live with other guys
<alexyoungstud> 3 guys and 2 girls
<NikkijMadison> do you fuck the girls
<NikkijMadison> how big ru in inches
<alexyoungstud> i have fucked one of them
<alexyoungstud> but we don't talk about it
<alexyoungstud> 7.5-8
<alexyoungstud> 8 on a good day
<alexyoungstud> you?
<NikkijMadison> 7” cut
<NikkijMadison> you stroking it
<alexyoungstud> yepp
<alexyoungstud> you?
<NikkijMadison> always
<NikkijMadison> does she want you all the time
<NikkijMadison> i like big cock
<alexyoungstud> how big is big?
<NikkijMadison> 7 or bigger
<NikkijMadison> i have had 10
<alexyoungstud> wow
<NikkijMadison> love bbc

<alexyoungstud> that's a monster
<NikkijMadison> it was and is
<NikkijMadison> i suck him still
<NikkijMadison> i cant take him in my booty
<alexyoungstud> how many guys do you have going?
<NikkijMadison> live with 2
<NikkijMadison> probably have 6 to 10 others weekly
<alexyoungstud> fuck both?
<alexyoungstud> wow that's like 2 a day!!
<NikkijMadison> you said guys
<NikkijMadison> i suck 2 to 4 cocks daily
<NikkijMadison> most of the time i do my two roomies twice
<alexyoungstud> wow, where do you find them all?
<NikkijMadison> friends, customers, waiters
<alexyoungstud> do you just ask them outright?
<NikkijMadison> most ask me
<alexyoungstud> so customers just randomly ask you to suck their cocks???
<NikkijMadison> customers that i do are my regulars not necessarily customers at the restaurants
<NikkijMadison> Ralph normally hires bi and gay waiters
<alexyoungstud> oh right are you an escort?
<NikkijMadison> i have
<NikkijMadison> i have some partners that give me tribute
<alexyoungstud> i bet you'd make a mint!!
<NikkijMadison> i do ok
<alexyoungstud> what about your roomies?
<alexyoungstud> did they ask you?
<NikkijMadison> yes i do them
<NikkijMadison> i am their sex toy
<alexyoungstud> do you still pay rent?
<NikkijMadison> nope
<alexyoungstud> that's quality!!
<NikkijMadison> yeppers

<NikkijMadison> all my money goes to me
<alexyoungstud> i definitely envy your lifestyle
<alexyoungstud> wish i could do the same for girls!!
<NikkijMadison> you should get pussy every night with your cock
<alexyoungstud> haha i wish it worked like that

<NikkijMadison> true

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