Sunday, April 13, 2014

Be My Bitch

<BeMy Bitch> hey
<IamYOURBitch9> Hey there 
<BeMyBitch> quicker

<BeMyBitch> was on hormones for two years while i go my implants, lost adams apple, and had chin soften
<BeMyBitch> off now
<BeMyBitch> keeping my clit
<IamYOURBitch9> Ah. I love that.
<IamYOURBitch9> That's my favorite type
<BeMyBitch> i love to cum
<BeMyBitch> and i love her size
<BeMyBitch> so you keeping your clit
<IamYOURBitch9> Debating that. Not sure.
<BeMyBitch> i like her
<IamYOURBitch9> I enjoy being more androgenous in my day-to-day, but also loving being able to pull off sexy.
<BeMyBitch> i dont hate her
<BeMyBitch> love being sexy
<BeMyBitch> only andro when i fly
<IamYOURBitch9> I'd much rather be a tom-boy then a boy-boy, if you know what I mean.
<BeMyBitch> sure
<BeMyBitch> i like being a girly girl
<BeMyBitch> i dont do boi well
<BeMyBitch> i also like stroking my clitty and having her stroked
<BeMyBitch> and i like having her in chastity and dripping
<IamYOURBitch9> I think you and I would get along swell. I'd love to meet sometime to play
<BeMyBitch> knew you were kinky

<BeMyBitch> i bet you love being leashed
<IamYOURBitch9> I looooove being collared, and leashed is also loads of fun.
<BeMyBitch> me too
<IamYOURBitch9> So are all those pictures in your profile you?
<BeMyBitch> on sudnay night i am taken to one of clubs on the strip
<BeMyBitch> in short skirt and cage and collar and leash
<BeMyBitch> not all
<BeMyBitch> bbc pic is of my ex wife
<BeMyBitch> the two girsl walking into the gang bang are two gg friends. I took the pic
<BeMyBitch> rest are me
<IamYOURBitch9> So your main is you right? I love those tan lines

<BeMyBitch> yes
<BeMyBitch> me too
<IamYOURBitch9> Love it! So sexy.
<IamYOURBitch9> Once my tits come in, I'm going to go tanning to get those lines. And get a nice tramp stamp
<BeMyBitch> what will the stamp say
<IamYOURBitch9> My name and some nice tribal marks I think.
<BeMyBitch> was going to get one
<BeMyBitch> cool
<BeMyBitch> when with ex i was going to get it to say Owned by Ashley
<BeMyBitch> but glad i didnt
<BeMyBitch> I may still get bitch or slut
<BeMyBitch> or nikkij's booty or shoot here
<IamYOURBitch9> I want to get  my name down there in nice gothic print or something, just so the boys know who they're fucking.
<BeMyBitch> cool
<BeMyBitch> i might get Your Bitch
<IamYOURBitch9> I'm also debating getting cum slut somewhere on my ass.
<BeMyBitch> i would get bracelet that said that
<IamYOURBitch9> I also what to get a nice tribal tat around my breasts when they come in
<BeMyBitch> cool
<BeMyBitch> you pierced
<BeMyBitch> one in bb
<IamYOURBitch9> No. I wish I was. Want to get a tongue and nipples

<BeMyBitch> had one on skin under helmet
<BeMyBitch> i would do bb if i were you
<BeMyBitch> and small ring under helmet
<IamYOURBitch9> Sorry, what's "bb"?
<BeMyBitch> belly button
<BeMyBitch> show when you wear bare mid drift
<BeMyBitch> hot
<BeMyBitch> and small you can have your clit leashed or a small bell
<IamYOURBitch9> True. Normally I wear a lot of tight corsets though. My only concern is how uncomfortable a bb ring might be
<BeMyBitch> doesnt have to be big jewelry
<BeMyBitch> small ring on clit is hot
<IamYOURBitch9> So, do you have any face pictures? I'd like to know who I'm talking to
<BeMyBitch> sure
<BeMyBitch> sent
<IamYOURBitch9> Damn, you are sexy  I'd love to make you smile
<BeMyBitch> often i hope
<BeMyBitch> assume you do love sucking clitty
<IamYOURBitch9> I love gagging on cock more than anything in the world!
<BeMyBitch> biggest that you DTed?
<IamYOURBitch9> About 8 inches or so. I've sucked bigger, but couldn't take more than that.
<BeMyBitch> largests dt was almost 9
<BeMyBitch> have sucked up to 12
<IamYOURBitch9> Mmm. I'd love to wrap my lips around that sometime. Do you get to the west coast often, or at all?

<BeMyBitch> use to when i travelled  as male
<BeMyBitch> not much anymore
<BeMyBitch> may someday move to oregon portland
<BeMyBitch> or one of the beach cities
<BeMyBitch> i like living at the beach
<IamYOURBitch9> Ugh. I'd love to play sometime soon. I've never had fun with a fellow girl before.
<BeMyBitch> only men
<IamYOURBitch9> So far. And a handful of special women.
<BeMyBitch> GGs
<IamYOURBitch9> Yeah
<BeMyBitch> love doing ggs now
<IamYOURBitch9> I love eating them out and eating out ass. I think I'm more into giving oral and getting fucked then anything else.
<BeMyBitch> me too
<BeMyBitch> love eating pussy
<IamYOURBitch9> I'd love to eat out your ass
<BeMyBitch> would you eat your cum out of my ass
<IamYOURBitch9> That would be the best
<BeMyBitch> someday i want to get to being able do bareback again
<IamYOURBitch9> I would love to let you bareback me
<BeMyBitch> yummy

<BeMyBitch> i dont get it much anymore
<IamYOURBitch9> Why's that?
<BeMyBitch> bareback
<IamYOURBitch9> I mean why don't you?
<BeMyBitch> most guys i don't know where there cock has been
<BeMyBitch> i let a few
<BeMyBitch> never a bbc
<BeMyBitch> and never a pick up
<BeMyBitch> do you
<IamYOURBitch9> That makes sense. And I normally have everybody wrap who sticks it in me.
<BeMyBitch> me too
<BeMyBitch> we buy them by the case
<IamYOURBitch9> Wish I got more cock to have to buy that many
<BeMyBitch> there are three of us here that use them
<BeMyBitch> i don't always get butt fucked daily
<IamYOURBitch9> So, what does a girl have to do to get with you?
<BeMyBitch> but i suck daily
<BeMyBitch> how so

<BeMyBitch> you mean a road trip
<IamYOURBitch9> Yes, or fly. Just from talking I can tell I want you
<BeMyBitch> get to know each other better
<BeMyBitch> and we'll work it out
<BeMyBitch> you will service ralph and tommy too
<IamYOURBitch9> What would you like to know? I'm never very good at asking the questions. And I'd be more than okay with being used by multiples
<BeMyBitch> anyone i bring home has to service either ralph or tommy
<BeMyBitch> Ralph is 60 and Tommy is 29
<BeMyBitch> tommy is a hunk ... 8+
<BeMyBitch> both are bi .. ralph leans mostly gay... have not seen him with girl in long time
<IamYOURBitch9> Sounds good to me. I've been with older men before.
<BeMyBitch> ralph is good lover and fair with me
<BeMyBitch> HIM and Tommy are the item
<BeMyBitch> tommy used to be st8
<BeMyBitch> you like chastity

<BeMyBitch> ever done an animal cage
<BeMyBitch> slept on doggie bed at foot of bed
<IamYOURBitch9> Nope, would love to try though. I'm always open to trying new kinky things.
<BeMyBitch> never done cage hmmmmm
<BeMyBitch> you have done public too right
<IamYOURBitch9> Yes.
<IamYOURBitch9> Still get shy about it sometimes though
<BeMyBitch> ever serve a cocktail party enfemme
<IamYOURBitch9> No. But I wouldn't mind it. Though I have nothing suitable to wear for such an event
<BeMyBitch> i do
<IamYOURBitch9> That would work
<BeMyBitch> chastity, heels, garters, stockings, bare boobs, no panties, plug or pony tail
<BeMyBitch> would that outfit work for you
<IamYOURBitch9> It sure would. Though my breasts aren't very big yet.
<BeMyBitch> doesn't matter
<BeMyBitch> you are just scenery until someone wants to use you
<BeMyBitch> we'll X them
<IamYOURBitch9> That sounds great to me
<BeMyBitch> thought so
<IamYOURBitch9> Could I also wear a nice tight corset?
<IamYOURBitch9> I love the feeling of being cinched up tight
<BeMyBitch> perhaps

<BeMyBitch> depends upon the group
<BeMyBitch> pool party in rehobeth
<BeMyBitch> maybe put pink ribbon on your lock
<BeMyBitch> or bell on the chastity
<BeMyBitch> there is one group that just like bitches walking around in uniform type as i described
<IamYOURBitch9> I could do that too. I love being objectified
<BeMyBitch> last party i did was labor day blast i did it with another tranny, two bois and one gg.. we were all dressed the same
<IamYOURBitch9> Sounds lovely 
<BeMyBitch> it was hot
<BeMyBitch> then were auctioned
<BeMyBitch> auctioned
<BeMyBitch> money went to local gay, lezzie and tranny community
<IamYOURBitch9> sorry, had a phone call. I need to head out soon
<BeMyBitch> you getting fucked tonight
<IamYOURBitch9> i wish. work

<BeMyBitch> what kind of work
<BeMyBitch> male work right
<IamYOURBitch9> I'm a cook
<BeMyBitch> as femme or male
<IamYOURBitch9> male
<BeMyBitch> are you femme underneath
<BeMyBitch> my bitch would be
<IamYOURBitch9> of course -- panties and corset at all times
<BeMyBitch> what would happen if you wore corset as your outer top
<IamYOURBitch9> I wouldn't be able to at work. I have a uniform
<BeMyBitch> ic
<BeMyBitch> they think you are boy
<IamYOURBitch9> Yes

<BeMyBitch> does anyone know

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