Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Old Gents Make Beautiful Music

I wiggled out of my clothes and helped Robert out of his. Mr. King Size was there for the taking but Robert pulled me up first. We soaped each other down from head to toe and everywhere in between. He quickly pushed the plug back in.... Not wanting it to slip out. He then started playing with her in big hands. He softly stroked her to hardness. Then in about 10 quick strokes with his powerful right  hand my clitty exploded. I can see that he has done this before! I then dropped to my knees and quickly tongued and sucked Mr. King Size. The cock ring kept him hard for the longest time, until finally Robert exploded all over my face.

I wanted him in my cunt, but all he could do was grin! "Later Bitch!" Robert left me on the shower floor and he dried off then left.  I wasn't done yet but I had to get ready for the boys. I freshened my make up and then needed to decide what to wear.

When I came out Robert was no where to found, but he had found my duffle bag. He rummaged through and found bra,  stockings and garter and heels... And my cage  all laid out on the bed.

The guys were eating pizza and having beers. Frank and George looked like the fresh fucked duo as I spotted one of the plugs on the coffee table. They excused themselves and headed for showers.

Robert was still hunky for a man of 65 and of course he packed a huge cock in his pants. We chatted and ate and drink some cocktails. Robert is a widower .. For about 10 years now. Retired like the other guys including my father. We talked about how they got together, and how they each discovered their the same interests for kinky sex. This was a first for me. Robert said he had enjoyed a few  ladybois in his time, but said I was the best looking that he ever done. He said it was a good thing that I had my mother's good looks.

We talked about me... My favorite subject of course... My transition to full time, my clitty, my kink, my golf, my life at the beach, my job and of course Ralph and Tommy. He told me that dad had struggled with my transition but the guys helped him through it.  The other guys joined us. We all chatted for a couple more hours. Robert and George in their sexy 65 year old undies, Frank had a pair black lacy panties  and me in the lingerie and cage.

No cards, just talk,a few drinks, and of course I was getting horny. George was first to get up, "We've a long day, and our tee time is  early. Bitch you lost the bet, so come to bed with me. We'll play cards tomorrow night!"

I got up, kissed Frank on the cheek, he squeezed my booty. Robert got I hugged him and he fondled her in the cage. "Give me the key bitch! Robert is not sucking your clit tonight!"

Robert grabbed my hand and off we went to his room. I think Frank will enjoy Mr King Size tonight. 

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