Saturday, October 4, 2014

Stormie Has Questions?

<Lilpet> together is not that often anymore.
<Lilpet> normally when they want to be amused
<StormieCindi> i see
<StormieCindi> are you only with them or are you free to be with others

<Lilpet> together i am their lil pet
<Lilpet> i play doggie fetch for them
<Lilpet> free
<StormieCindi> nice
<StormieCindi> are you a nympho
<StormieCindi> when did you start dressing?
<Lilpet> yes
<Lilpet> 17
<Lilpet> wore my sisters teddies
<StormieCindi> thats kind of late isnt it
<StormieCindi> seems like most started dressing very early
<Lilpet> looked at pictures before
<Lilpet> older sister brought home these sexy teddies so i tried them on
<StormieCindi> very nice
<Lilpet> they soon became mine
<Lilpet> i stained them
<StormieCindi> what did she say
<Lilpet> well you little slut they look kind a cute on you but you are too hairy
<Lilpet> so she shaved me  dressed me as a girl
<StormieCindi> how tall are you
<Lilpet> 5'9"
<StormieCindi> how much do you weigh
<StormieCindi> i am 5'9 too
<Lilpet> a girl never tells her true weight
<StormieCindi> lol
<StormieCindi> what does your sister say now that you have boobs and dress everyday
<Lilpet> i want to stay under 150 – she loves nikkij
<StormieCindi> you are so very hot
<Lilpet> ty

<StormieCindi> has your family been supportive
<Lilpet> actually yes
<Lilpet> mom said she always knew
<Lilpet> two other sisters love nikki
<StormieCindi> dad
<Lilpet> dad has come around
<Lilpet> relcutant at first
<Lilpet> I use to play golf with him and his cronies and he didnt know what to say to them
<StormieCindi> what did his cronies say
<StormieCindi> did you tease them
<Lilpet> actually they are okay now
<Lilpet> i played golf with them a few weeks ago
<StormieCindi> did you wear a lil sexy skirt
<Lilpet> yes i did
<Lilpet> short
<StormieCindi> nice
<Lilpet> Tony one of his friends is fascinated by me
<StormieCindi> hopefully you gave them a peek
<Lilpet> yes they all wanted to see my boobies
<StormieCindi> did you show them
<Lilpet> yeppers
<StormieCindi> nice

<StormieCindi> who did you show them to
<Lilpet> they all said so
<Lilpet> do you want to suck them
<StormieCindi> i would love to see them
<Lilpet> you can see them
<StormieCindi> that would be very nice
<Lilpet> in person of course
<StormieCindi> what did your dad say when you showed your boobs
<Lilpet> when he first saw them
<Lilpet> son i guess i need to call you daughter now
<StormieCindi> did he like them
<Lilpet> loved them
<Lilpet> i let him touch me
<StormieCindi> how do you know
<Lilpet> he said so
<StormieCindi> thats hot
<Lilpet> i tingled
<StormieCindi> anything more
<Lilpet> what do you mean
<StormieCindi> did he do more
<Lilpet> hmmm
<Lilpet> i think he has secrets to tell me
<StormieCindi> like what
<Lilpet> i think he has a pantie fetish
<Lilpet> i think there is more between the golfing buddies than golf
<StormieCindi> did you show him your panties
<Lilpet> tony is coming down to see me this week and we are playing golf
<Lilpet> yes i have

<StormieCindi> do you want more from him
<Lilpet> when i am in skirt around him i always flash him
<Lilpet> tony or dad
<StormieCindi> dad
<Lilpet> I would suck his cock
<StormieCindi> or both
<StormieCindi> you would?
<Lilpet> i will suck tony's cock
<Lilpet> Dad has a nice cock
<StormieCindi> how do you know
<Lilpet> sounds like i am a pervert but hey i have cock now clit that has been in panties for over 30 years. i have seen it
<Lilpet> well Tony squeeze my clitty and said he wanted her
<StormieCindi> what about dad
<StormieCindi> well i gotta run hope to talk more

<Lilpet> see ya

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