Saturday, October 4, 2014

Sweet Suzie

SuzieSweet joined the channel.
<SuzieSweet> Hey Nikki... Good morning.
<YourBitch> hey gf

<SuzieSweet> So how's your weekend? I'm still rolling out of
<YourBitch> going out later lunch with two gfs and then out with them later
<YourBitch> you
<SuzieSweet> I will be going out to have lunch with a girl I want to "know" a little better.
<SuzieSweet> Hope we can get a bit more acquainted.
<YourBitch> t or GG?
<SuzieSweet> TG... We are both musicians and she's also into kink. We have a lot in common, so.....???
<YourBitch> cool
<YourBitch> you meeting dressed
<SuzieSweet> Unless I'm working, I try to doll up a little. 24/7 here.
<YourBitch> cool
<YourBitch> thats right
<YourBitch> is she
<SuzieSweet> Yes.
<YourBitch> lovely
<YourBitch> where are you meeting
<SuzieSweet> It's ok... I forget who does what sometimes too. I do chat with a ton of
<SuzieSweet> Not sure. She has to work this afternoon.
<YourBitch> after work always for me
<YourBitch> what type of work do you do again
<SuzieSweet> Her and I both work late shift.
<SuzieSweet> I'm a mechanic.
<YourBitch> thats right

<YourBitch> sorry i forget
<YourBitch> first time out with your new friend
<SuzieSweet> No, we've been out and about before.
<YourBitch> i always relate it to sex
<SuzieSweet> I get that. I'm hoping this relationship goes that way too.
<YourBitch> hell my father wore panties'
<SuzieSweet> Really?
<YourBitch> yes
<SuzieSweet> Just how he rolled, or was he thinking about the switch too?
<YourBitch> very acceptance of me being a bitch
<SuzieSweet> Nice.
<YourBitch> hes has been moms cuck off and on for years
<YourBitch> they stopped when we were all young
<YourBitch> he showed his panties when i showed him my boobies for the first time
<SuzieSweet> Very cool! You have a strong female background
<YourBitch> quite a lunch date with dad
<YourBitch> yes three sisters
<SuzieSweet> I BET!!!
<YourBitch> who are knky too
<YourBitch> one is lezzie
<YourBitch> one is Domme to hubby
<YourBitch> one swings with bubby not into bdsm much
<SuzieSweet> WOW! You have a very accepting family.
<SuzieSweet> You are very lucky.
<YourBitch> Mom said she always knew i would be gay or bi
<SuzieSweet> I'm actually a little jealous....Hahaha.
<YourBitch> blushing

<SuzieSweet> Still having a few issues with some family members, but for the most part, they are stuck with me.
<SuzieSweet> Did you have your mothers help?
<YourBitch> sisters and ex wife helped alot
<YourBitch> go shopping now with mom
<SuzieSweet> Ex wife????? Help?
<YourBitch> yes
<YourBitch> she owned me for almost 9 years
<SuzieSweet> Now I'm "really" jealous... Mine had me committed.
<YourBitch> because you dressed
<SuzieSweet> I'm sure.
<YourBitch> too bad
<YourBitch> i met mine dressed
<SuzieSweet> I had a bad day when I turned 40 and said I had to talk to someone about my feelings. She started cheating on me a week later for four years before telling me.
<YourBitch> ever play with susan?
<SuzieSweet> I'm so happy that you were able to find someone accepting. That's a real boost to your self image.
<SuzieSweet> How so?
<YourBitch> your ex wife?

<YourBitch> no part of susan or did she try
<YourBitch> Ashely helped a great deal with me being nikki
<SuzieSweet> NO WAY! I bought my first panties and she didn't even want to be in the same room.
<YourBitch> ahh
<YourBitch> my ex took me shopping for panties
<YourBitch> she burned all my male undies
<SuzieSweet> She just thought the world was coming to an end.
<SuzieSweet> OMG!!! You don't know how fortunate you were.
<YourBitch> i know
<YourBitch> only wish i had gone ft sooner
<SuzieSweet> I didn't have any sisters. My mother, well there was no help there.
<SuzieSweet> I wish I would have had the freedom to explore sooner.
<YourBitch> i got caught in sisters teddies
<SuzieSweet> Was that planned?

<YourBitch> liberal family with kink background
<YourBitch> no
<YourBitch> i was trying them on when she came back unexpectedly
<SuzieSweet> still glad it happened?
<YourBitch> they became mine and she made me go shopping with her to buy her new ones
<YourBitch> YES
<YourBitch> she was first to femme me
<SuzieSweet> First time is such a wonderful feeling... isn't it?
<YourBitch> oh yes
<YourBitch> i still get chills rolling a pair stockings up my legs
<SuzieSweet> God...I haven't worn stockings in over a year. Shame on
<YourBitch> i try to wear them daily
<YourBitch> wow
<YourBitch> but you have made it this far
<SuzieSweet> Yes! I look back and think, what the Hell is making me continue? So, it must be fate.
<YourBitch> you are now the femme you should be
<SuzieSweet> Yes! The bad ass biker bitch your Mama warned you about!
<SuzieSweet> That reminds me, I have to get another scooter.
<YourBitch> a slut at heart

<SuzieSweet> Sometimes... (evil grin)
<SuzieSweet> Mostly a Matriarch.
<SuzieSweet> I see myself helping other girl here in the future.
<YourBitch> me i am a slut
<SuzieSweet> Trying to find a house and rent rooms out to other T-girls who need help.
<SuzieSweet> Have you had any surgeries yet?
<SuzieSweet> I'm saving for upper right now.
<YourBitch> cool
<YourBitch> boobies
<YourBitch> chin
<SuzieSweet> You have wonderful breasts in your profile pic.
<YourBitch> doc did great job
<SuzieSweet> Still have the lower unit then?
<YourBitch> yes
<YourBitch> will always
<SuzieSweet> I'm thinking I may keep mine for a little while. Have some fun with it.
<SuzieSweet> Oh? Keeping it?
<SuzieSweet> Very cool!
<YourBitch> absolutely
<YourBitch> you 

<SuzieSweet> I'd like to for while at least. Little thing shrunk to have it's original You know, hormones.
<YourBitch> i know
<YourBitch> was on hormones when i got implants
<YourBitch> i love my clitty
<SuzieSweet> So you play with more men, or Women?
<YourBitch> more MEN
<YourBitch> do women though too
<SuzieSweet> I find it's a generational thing. Most older Women want to screw me strait, while men just want to get a
<YourBitch> i do alot of blow jobs
<YourBitch> women love me now
<YourBitch> love my clitty in them while they suck my boobies'
<SuzieSweet> However, I do most of my Domme work to men, when the Women get more of the bondage and tease/denial.
<YourBitch> cool
<SuzieSweet> Oh yes!
<YourBitch> i only act domme now with cucks and their wives

<SuzieSweet> Like I said, I'm always dressed unless I'm at work. Then its just t-shirt and jeans with a ponytail.
<SuzieSweet> And my little boobies of Everyone knows at work.
<YourBitch> anyone there want you
<YourBitch> all our waiters do
<YourBitch> most are bi
<SuzieSweet> I might have a couple. One goofball that's teases me as much as I tease him. And there's a Bigger black man who I think wants to try, but seems too timid to ask.
<YourBitch> ask him
<YourBitch> love bbc
<SuzieSweet> lol... Not sure if I should. And I would love to tackle some BBC.
<YourBitch> go have a beer with him
<SuzieSweet> I did date a couple in my past and they were both wonderful kissers.
<SuzieSweet> Maybe. He's in a different department so we never really have any chance encounters. And I'm never dolled up like I said.
<SuzieSweet> If I wear any make-up my face becomes a dirt

<YourBitch> but he knows right
<YourBitch> when do you see him
<YourBitch> does he smile back
<YourBitch> always put make up on afterwards
<SuzieSweet> I'm pretty sure. And oh yes, he smiles But always with that curious
<SuzieSweet> He's long gone by the time I get off work now. I work from 2 til midnight.
<YourBitch> invite to meet him away from the others
<YourBitch> he work days
<YourBitch> what time he start
<YourBitch> met for coffee before he starts

<SuzieSweet> I may... I'm just playing coy right now and seeing what develops. It may happen, just give it a little
<SuzieSweet> You really want me to get some chocolate
<YourBitch> how long has he been smiling at you
<YourBitch> BBC just want to be sucked
<YourBitch> no commitment
<YourBitch> they never tell
<SuzieSweet> lol...I'm sure! Maybe the last few times we crossed paths?
<YourBitch> he look at your booty a lot
<SuzieSweet> I think But work pants don't flatter.
<YourBitch> so put on your little show through shirt
<SuzieSweet> I might doll it up before I have to work on Wednesday .I should see if he's working that day.
<YourBitch> i mean that you have them not that anyone can see

<YourBitch> is he a big guy
<SuzieSweet> Taller, not fat. Semi muscular.
<SuzieSweet> I'm sure he's hung.
<YourBitch> YUM
<YourBitch> he married
<SuzieSweet> I think so. Seen a ring.
<SuzieSweet> Thats what is holding me back.
<YourBitch> i love to suck married men
<YourBitch> they dont tell
<SuzieSweet> lol...That I know!
<YourBitch> flirt a little
<SuzieSweet> Maybe I may have a little luck tonight. I'm thinking about seeing Jean Bardot later this evening at a bar she used to work at.
<YourBitch> t girl
<YourBitch> cool

<SuzieSweet> She's a Fetish Model/Pro Domme in the scene.
<SuzieSweet> Have you heard of her?
<SuzieSweet> She's on this site.
<YourBitch> no
<YourBitch> name here?
<SuzieSweet> Look on my friends list.
<SuzieSweet> Jean Bardot
<YourBitch> ok
<SuzieSweet> We've been together before, and she's "REALLY" good at what she
<SuzieSweet> Took three days to recover!
<SuzieSweet> WOW! After twelve here. I have to get moving if I'm going to make a lunch date. Nikki, it's always a plessure! I hope we can meet up sometime.
<YourBitch> yummy
<YourBitch> see ya

<YourBitch> kisses

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  1. Wow, that conversation got my sissy clit throbbing and drooling!