Saturday, March 8, 2014

Thanks For Sharing ...Girl Friend

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You asked about my day ~~ well let me tell you about my week ~~ i work for an engineering company and tues and wed i had to fly to another city for a meetings and to look at some projects ~~ i really had this desire to lock my lil cockette into chastity ~~ my cage is plastic and and i have a plastic lock so i would not set off the metal detector going thru security ~~ but at the last minute is decided not to lock her up ~~ to go thru security i took off all my metal stuff and walked thru the scanner ~~ i set off the alarm ~~ this nice tall black man came up close to me ~~ mmmmmm ~ i could look into his eyes ~~ and he told me i likely had metal arches in my shoes ~~ to take off my shoes and walk back thru ~~ well i buzzed again ~~
then i noticed i still had my watch on ~~ the nice tall security Man was even taller now that i am in flat feet ~~ He said i had a been selected for a random pat down search or a image body scan ~~ mmmmmm ~~ was i ever a lucky girl ~~ being felt up by the tall dark and handsome Man in front of everyone ~~ or being shown naked on a tv screen to another Man ~~ i looked into His eyes and choose being felt up ~~ i stood ~~ my legs spread open in front of everyone and He lightly touched up each leg ~~ it was light over my ass and by my lil cockette ~~ that was a big disappointment ~~ but i suspect if i had on my chastity cage He would have felt it ~~ and He touched each of my breasts ~~ mmmmmm ~ that felt nice ~~ it was a real quicky feel ~~He said is was good to go ~~ and i thanked Him for the pleasure 

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