Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Art of Tipping ... First Lesson -- Fast Food and Car Washes

Tip Jars -- They're showing up everywhere -- tip jars. Most people hate them. Where is it appropriate to leave a tip in a tip jar? We'll cover some of the basics.

Starbucks - Nothing.
Any fast-food restaurant - Nothing.
Buffet-lines or cafeterias - Nothing. If there is a person who comes around and keeps your tea glass full, tip him personally $1-2.
Donut, bagel or coffee shop - Nothing.
Sports arena concession stands - Nothing.
If you get the idea that tip jars are inappropriate at any food-service establishment that does not actually bring the food to your table and keep your drinks refilled, then you are correct.

Car wash - $2-3 for a car; $3-5 for an SUV or large vehicle. If there is a tip jar, leave your tip there. It will be split among the workers. Otherwise, tip the person(s) who did the cleanup after the wash. ... or I'll whisper in your ear to let you know what type of tribute I am after!

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