Thursday, July 2, 2009

At Least She Gave Him Change!

As a newlywed couple was checking into the hotel for their honeymoon, another couple at the desk offered to show them around thetown that night. Thanking them for the kind offer, the bride groom explained that it was their wedding night and that they'd prefer totake a rain check.
When the second couple came down to breakfast the next morning they were astonished to catch sight of the groom in the hotel bar apparently drowning his sorrows. "Why you should be the happiest man in the world today," they said coming over to him.
"Yesterday I was," said the man mournfully. "But this morning, without realizing it I put three, hundred dollar bills on the pillow and got up to get dressed.""Hey, cheer up, she probably didn't even notice."
"That's the problem," the groom went on. "Without even thinking,she gave me fifty dollars change!"

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