Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Welcome to My World!

Normally I like to make an entrance but sometimes I like to arrive early to relax and get a better feel for the location. Today was one of those days.
I first met Brad on the Internet in one of those fetish chat rooms. We have also talked on the telephone a few times. As always, I always call on my potential suitors and Brad was no exception. Most men want to be in control, or appear so anyway, but I have very strict rules. I never deviate from my rules ... never!
I also always meet new men or women in public places and my favorite place is one of the national coffee café chains. In most metropolitan areas, there seems to one on every corner. Today is Rule # Three – public encounter. If we don’t click, either one can walk away.
I found a nice comfortable spot, with my tall soy latte, in the corner. It was suitable for a private conversation and it gave me a full view of anyone who came into the store. I was “dressed to kill” today and Brad was my prey. I was dripping with sex “from head to toe” with my new blonde wig, pearl choker, sheer black blouse that revealed the lace of my matching bustier both tucked into my knee length leather skirt. Underneath, my lace garter belt that matched my bustier held the fishnet stockings that encased my long legs. My “head to toe” look was topped off with 3” rhinestone CMFM straps. No panties you ask… no they were now soaking wet, in anticipation, so I stuffed them into my purse. You see my pierced clit was now free with my metal cock ring keeping me hard.
I was stunning if I say so myself … and no one, and I mean no one, except my soon arriving date had any idea, that this giddy, gorgeous blonde was really a Tgirl … !
Right on time, Brad strolled into the café and … just like his pictures he was a gorgeous hunk. He didn’t notice me until after he had his coffee and he quickly came to my table to introduce himself. “You must be NikkiJ! Wow, you look better than your pictures. I’m Brad and I’m just ecstatic to be here. “
He wasn’t kidding either. It showed as I could see his huge bulge grow in his khakis. A big grin engulfed my face. The size of that bulge only confirms that the picture he emailed to me … was indeed him. Brad leaned down to kiss me but I got up to great him. I wanted this gorgeous hunk to give me a huge hug so I could push my loins into him to feel his manhood. I wanted Brad to feel me as well. As we hugged, I’m sure Brad could feel me tingling from head to toe. As I pushed my body into him, my left hand grabbed his bulge. I then whispered into his ear “You are everything you said you would be!”
Brad could feel my 7” clit push into his stomach and said … “You are indeed everything and more that you said you would be.”
I didn’t want to let go, but finally did so we did not make a scene. After all, I could feel that every eye in the place was looking at us. As we sit down, I couldn’t take my hands off of him. “Brad – either drink up or take it with you. I want that that big cock of yours and I want it now!”
We both grabbed our drinks and headed for the door. It felt like every eye in the café was looking at us, but I get that feeling often when I strut out of places. What I could feel was Brad’s eyes penetrating my back. I did hear Brad, not so softly I may add, “Nikki you do a great set of legs that end at one fine firm booty.” So clutched his hand once we hit the sidewalk and we ran straight to my car, which I conveniently parked in a secluded place in the parking lot. When we reached the car Brad pushed me against the side fender, almost spilling what was left of my latte. He then ran his hand up my skirt rubbing the tops of my stockings. I then shifted my legs so he could feel my clit stretch to its full 7 inches. I couldn’t keep my hands off of him as we managed kiss and exchange tongues. It was broad daylight and while someone might spot us but I wanted Brad now.
I needed him then and there, so I wiggled free to slide down front of his gorgeous body, unbuckling his belt and zipper so his jeans could drop to his ankles. I was in a complete trance I wanted so much. I continued to rub his thighs and huge manhood as I dropped to my knees. I engulfed his enormous cock. Within moments it seemed, I could feel the rush of Brad’s cum exploding into the back of my mouth. It’s such an awesome rush to feel a man powerfully explode then completely melt right in front of you. I looked up at Brad, smiling as his full load slithered down my throat.
“Get in the car, handsome, it time for an encore at my place! We come back for your car tomorrow.

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  1. Too bad you couldn't receive him bareback while on your back. It is my favorite position as we try to cum at the same time. xo