Friday, July 3, 2009

My Weekend To-Do List!

  1. Meet him without panties when he comes from work and tell him about what you will do to him next!

  2. Meet him when he comes from work only in stockings, garter belt and heels.

  3. Put your hand in his pants when he watching the game then give him the best hand job of his life.

  4. Slip a hand in your jeans when you and your the partner are watching a TV show and start to masturbate yourself.

  5. Nestle next to him after supper and start kissing his penis.

  6. Suggest taking a shower together for a change. Lather him up, wash him off and let him lather you; which will lead to sex in the shower.

  7. Have oral sex in shower.

  8. Wake him up by sucking on his cock in bed, do it slowly and enjoy.

  9. Ask him to lick your clit.

  10. Whisper in his ear in a public place to ask him what is his favorite sexual desire.

  11. Flash him from across the room in a public place.

  12. Initiate sex with him anywhere and anytime. Make yourself always available!

  13. Bite his nipples softly!

  14. Ask him to park the car in imperceptible place to have sex at the back seat.

  15. Have sex on your balcony, porch, deck, roof top, fire escape, on the grass in the back yard, under the tree, or anywhere where you might get caught.

  16. Let him masturbate over you so he cums all over your breasts.

  17. Let him watch you masturbate.

  18. Put a vibrator in your anus or his anus.

  19. Have safe anal sex.

  20. Surprise him in the shower in your satin gown then give him your best blow job as the shower spray falls over both of you.

  21. Surprise him … blindfold and cuff him … then have your way with him.

So ... do you have any additions?

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