Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Old Boyfriend Adventures

When I got out of bed to go to the gym and my boyfriend rolled over and grabbed my left breast. He never wakes up when I leave, but he was coherent enough this morning to give me a little tweak…

“Time for that later,” I whisper to him softly.
Then off I went. When I returned I went immediately to the shower. I was smelly and sweaty and just wanted to wash my hair. I heard the door open and looked to see if it was the dog. It was my boyfriend who peaked in on me.

“Damn, I can’t wait to touch that body tonight, make sure you shave everywhere,” he said while grabbing my breast again! He alos gave my clitty a little rub.

Now I am really horny and ready and I have the whole day to wait. I sent him some very suggestive e-mail messages, a few quick phone calls to tell him what I want to do to him when he walked through the door.

In the bedroom, we are both eager and ready. I want to be fucked.

“Get naked, get on the bed, and get ready for me,” he says while heading toward the bathroom.

I know that this means masturbate with my fingers or a toy - so I decide on my large, realistic dildo. I know that the sight of me fucking my booty with the dildo will get him instantly hard, and I always feel like a dirty girl. I start slowly, already wet from the anticipation. Eyes closed, I was working myself good with the dildo, slowly building up to my orgasm all without touching my clitty.

In comes boyfriend, he slides in next to me and takes the dildo from my hand, whispering, “Oh you have to do better than that baby, let me make you cum.”

So on he goes, thrusting in and out of my booty. I love it when he plays with our toys with me. It is so totally arousing to know that he is watching me, peering at my expressions, evaluating my body movements. It doesn’t take but a few moments for me to be writhing on the bed, trying to stiffle my screams.

“Spread those legs and raise that ass, I am gonna fuck you harder than you have been fucked in years….”

I do as I am told and he enters me in one, fluid thrust. I am not complaining, I am just holding my legs apart and enjoying the warmness that we are making and the sensations of him inside me. Delicious tightness takes over and I feel my boyfriend bury himself deep within me, shooting that well deserved hotness into me.

He takes a moment to compose himself, shivering and sweating.

He goes to the bathroom ands cleans him self up thoroughly then returns with a huge hardon.
“Now suck your juices from this cock, dirty girl,” he says and sticks it in my mouth.

Again, I do as I am told. I feel my boyfriend getting harder. He never truly went down, which makes going back up a little easier. I lick and stroke and such and tongue until he is even harder. His cum is oozing out of me, like a sweet river of love.

My clitty is getting hard once again. My boy friend slips a cock ring on it and almost instantly my the metal ring tightens around my hardening clit. He smirks at me as she walks away.

He sits down in the high back chair and says .. "Now slut, amuse me, play with that clit of yours. I may let you cum ... then again I may not!"

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  1. Oh, Yes !! Bareback while supine is so glorious. I often orgasm with out any manual stimulation. Feeling juices injected is heaven on earth. I hold her in as deep as possible until it is time to uncouple and she slips out. Some soothing nylon play makes for wonderful resolution time. Sigh !!!