Friday, July 3, 2009

Does Size Matter?

I’ve been contemplating the matter of size lately. Yeah, okay, so it’s a stereotype to make the observation that women obsess about breast size, men about penis size. But stereotypes have to come from somewhere, don’t they? I’ve found, in the case of women, the grass always seems greener in the other woman’s yard. Women with large breasts want smaller, perkier ones. Women with small, perky ones want more cleavage than a Wonder bra can manage. I have the advantage of new c cups and I also have the advantage of having a clitty that is larger (7.5” cut and always shaved) than normal. Still, I hear women grumble all the time, longing for what the other has got. It’s a world of yearning for the opposite.
But that doesn’t seem to hold with penis size. Every man I hear complain about his length or girth says he wants to Go Supersize. No one ever says, “My cock is so big, I wish” (I know, I know, bite my tongue!) It’s all about bigger is better and every guy wants to be hung like a horse (or some other large mammal - except a gorilla “did you know they only sport 4” worth of appendage in that department? So if you think you’ve got the short end of the stick, so to speak, just remember, even King Kong wasn’t hung like a horse!) The average male member is 5.4 inches. Which means there have to be some pretty big variations on either side of that to make that number an "average." So there are men much smaller than 5.4 inches and men much larger as well. But it seems that no guy wants to be on the small end of that scale, and as a tgirl, I’ve been called upon many times to reassure a man that his cock was more than enough for me. Think about it this way, guys-- how do you feel about breasts? Some men have preferences, sure but I’ve never seen a man turn away from the opportunity to enjoy a set of breasts simply due to their size. Would you? All breasts are perfect “ different, yes, but their uniqueness is what makes them exciting in the moment, doesn’t it? It’s really no different with cock. But still, men will worry. So let me say this I’d rather suck an above average-sized cock than a giant. Sorta! I don’t like little ones … although I have sucked my share. I have also had my share of giants.
There is something splendid about a cock that’s the perfect suck-me size, flesh that fits so well in the hand and mouth. And then there’s the issue that large cocks have a tendency to flag more than average ones as well. The average cock just feels harder, engorged with blood, something about less surface area to fellate. I have to admit.... the harder the cock feels in my mouth, the more I can’t seem to get enough of it! The average cock also makes me feel accomplished when I can take every inch without gagging -- look ma, no hands! Of course, there’s something to be said for smaller cocks, too. I’ve discovered that men who are smaller than average can go again much quicker than guys with really huge members. And large cocks are good, too but I won’t assail them with praise, they get plenty.
If a man asks me, “Does size matter?” I never lie. The truth is, I love cocks, in all shapes and sizes, from the smallest to the monster. So assuring a man through a mouthful of his flesh isn’t that hard to do. There are plenty of benefits to both ends of the spectrum. Whatever I have in front of me is perfect. I am present and open to whatever that particular cock has to offer in the moment, no matter its size or shape. So what do you think? Does size matter?

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